To Ride

jhflores February 23, 2012 Comments Off on To Ride
To Ride

I want
to live life
to its fullest
making every
second, every
heartbeat count
I want
to imagine beauty
in its many
mental projections
which provide
visual stimulations.

To see her
standing there
in this place
in this time
at this moment
Her radiant smile
making me irrational
to smell
her sweet body’s perfumes
and chemical attractions
she’s my querida
Mujer majica
Vodun goddess
don’t release me
from your love spell.
to dream
a blissful mirage
of me and you
in an empty house
away from the noise
in the vacant kitchen
on the other side
the door
where lies the partying people.

To approach you
to think
to whisper sweet words
like Pablo Neruda
the poet’s poet
love griot
to tickle your heart’s fancy
to ask
“puedo ser tu esclavo”
can I be your slave
your indentured erotic servant
to see you
to mutually agree
to begin the ride…

To touch and feel
you step back
to look into your soul
and to reassure you
that we must continue
until the very end.
To caress your face
to touch your lips
to bring my lips
to your mouth
our union
To connect eternity
my “Kireina”
my beauty
to let our tongues
to close our eyes
to feel my hands
on your back
to run my fingers
my limbs
up the small of your back
up the spine
to bring
your body
holy body
to touch mine
to project my feelings
into your mind
to get excited
to stroke your neck
to kiss your shoulders
to turn you around
to caress your hairs
your neck
to bring your back
my manhood
into union
to run my touch over
your breasts
to shiver your moan
to kiss your earlobes
to breathe
and to kiss
your cheeks
to feel warmth
to use my limbs
under your shirt
Your cage
To remove
Your restrictions
To grasp
Pieces of heaven
To soothe your temples
To know tenderness
To dance with
Ochun’s body
To pull
To grab your waist
To travel your thighs
To approach your Peach
To understand wisdom
To know desires
To hear your fears
Approvals and wants
To kneel under
Your skirt
To hold your ankles
To dance my tongue
On the Back of your legs
To approach your
gentle skin
To Pull
Your skin
To enter
Pierce your Skin
To use my pointers
My fingers
My limbs
My tongue
on your body
To hear Joy
To work and
Please you
To introduce
Each and every
limb to you.
To comprehend
Your exotic delights
To lay you down
On the kitchen table
To again taste your peach
To let my lips
Taste your core
To stimulate
Your red core
To celebrate your chants
To remove my skin
My cage
To enter
Your sweetness
To sense fear
To know excitement
To draw Kama Sutras
On your body
Kama Sutras
On your body!
To whisper naughty things
As I dig into your fruit
To know the feeling
That we are just
Outside the kitchen door
Of the partying people
To feel
you tremble
To hear your words
“Quiero Mas!
Quiero Mas!”
To acknowledge flight
To move inside you
To grind
Thrust into
Your swollen nectar
To Possess
the goddess
of your body
To hear the music
Sweet melody
In my ear
To travel faster
To Stop!
To hear the kitchen
Door open
To regret ending
The ride.

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