jhflores February 22, 2012 Comments Off on SinCity

Not your average
A mob town
Managed by corrupt politicians
And cowardly community leaders
FBI monthly drug raids
And Drug Dealers
Yesterday’s Channel 40
Evening News
Community award winning
South End
Godfather types
Playing God
With your future
Worthington Nightclub scams
And Baseball stadium shams
Your legend is infamous
Even beyond the shores
Of the mighty
Connecticut river

You got Solids
at High Street
Kings On the Main
Familia over in Jefferson
On the Ave
And Netas
In Franklin
And army of
Disenfranchised youth
Flying cut sleeves
Real life Cartoon Gangs
With names like
X-men, Demonstrators, Whops, Playboys
Brothers of the Latin Race
And Guardian Angels
Warriors of yesterday
killers of tomorrow
Creators of sorrow
Baby Makers
Death takers
Grim Reapers
And Soul keepers
And Desperados
The West
In the North East
A Pioneer
In a valley
Covered with Black and Gold
Rosaries made of blood

How many have you claimed
In your rise to acclaim
When even the Big Apple
And Beantown
Turn their backs
On your killing fields
Where is your Soul
Kept By Downtown Political Thugs
and Poverty Pimps
Who Sell you at Harambee Bazaars
And Puerto Rican Cultural festivals
Greek Taste of the City
And Italian Fairs
Give yourself to the highest
Turn your back on
The poor and penniless
Escape Each summer
To public beachfront
on a polluted
Connecticut riverfront
By Bilingual transients
And Gandara’s
Mentally sane.

We send you prayers
Wrapped in Voodoo rituals
And Holy Water
Let your Salvation
Come in the form
Of the youth
Let their innocence
Keep you from your
Daily Self-Destruction
Let the lives of those
That gave themselves
Give your purpose
Beyond your town lines
Bathe us
In your
As we forgive
Those that dare
Against you,
Amen –
So Mote it Be.

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