Nuyorican Negritude

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Nuyorican Negritude

Nuyorican Massarican Poet Shaggy Flores Launches New Website

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2012

Nuyorican Negritude website serves as online poetry portfolio of Shaggy Flores.

After the successful launch of the original award winning Flash website Nuyorican Negritude at in 2005, Nuyorican Massarican poet Shaggy Flores announced today the release of a revamped version that caters toward the Social Media audience. Combining Flores original poetry along with Graphic Design work from his Public Relations and Marketing agency Aristotle’s Playground, the new website offers the reader a cultural view of the author’s personal works.

With over 20 years of experience performing and lecturing his original works of poetry throughout the nation, Shaggy Flores is an African Diaspora poet/scholar who offers a unique and rewarding view of the current Nuyorican Poetry movement.

“The new site is a way for my community and others interested in learning what I do, to take a sneak peak into my development as an artist, poet, and scholar,” said Shaggy Flores, the founder of Nuyorican Negritude. “I’m currently working on my upcoming second book and I wanted the new version of the social media site to reflect all of my travels as well as be a beginning point for those who want to learn more about Nuyorican poetry, the African Diaspora, and what makes a cultural activist tick.”

Mr. Flores’ poetry and lectures put into practice the cultural and spiritual values that unite the African Diaspora. From Afro-Caribbean chants to tales of bleach skinned Yoruba Orishas living under the disguise of Catholic saints, his writings reflect personal growth while combining history and years of research. Off the stage and while not writing, Shaggy founded and organizes one of the largest annual Diaspora poetry concerts in the Northeast – Voices for the Voiceless™. This event, brings some of the best Black and Latino poets in the country together for a free poetry concert dedicated to uplifting communities. He is also the founder of the Louis Reyes Rivera Lifetime Achievement Award™, which honors artists who use the arts to empower others. Past luminaries of the award include Jose Montoya, Roberto Vargas, Sekou Sundiata, Dr. Maya Lin, Tato Laviera, Jesus Papoleto Melendez, Jorge Fabel Pabon, Prince Ken Swift, Raul Salinas, and the late Louis Reyes Rivera.

Shaggy is currently  working on his new book, set for release in spring of 2012, and lecturing throughout the country through his representative booking agency, Yemaya’s Fire. For more details, see the Nuyorican Negritude website.

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