Journal of Pan African Studies

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Journal of Pan African Studies

The Journal of Pan African Studies works to become a beacon of light in the sphere of African world community studies and research, grounded in a trans-disciplinary open access scholarly peer-reviewed construct, simultaneously cognizant of the multilingualism of our audience, and the importance of universal access in cyberspace; regardless of geography, economic, social or cultural diversity.

Thus, in the way of advocacy, we intend to promote: the free flow of ideas by word and image; multilingualism and universal access to information in cyberspace; shaping learning environments conducive to creativity and audience development; the development of a knowledge-based African world community; the articulation of universal access to the Internet as a human rights issue linked to wealth creation, social transformation and human development; the acquisition and application of the new technologies for the information-underserved; and complete access to the global information/knowledge infrastructure essential to human development.

Volume 4 • Number 2 • 2010

This special issue of The Journal of Pan African Studies is edited by guest editor Marvin X and dedicated to Dingane aka Jose Goncalves, the publisher and editor of the Journal of Black Poetry, which has published some 500 poets.



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