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Phati’tude Literary Magazine

After a brief hiatus, phati’tude Literary Magazine returns and confirms its commitment to publishing emerging and established writers that promote multicultural awareness through literature. Featuring poets from around the world, including Sherman Alexie, Opal Moore, Ammiel Alcalay, Tony Medina, Meena Alexander, Richard Jackson, Nancy Mercado, Nomy Lamm, Timothy Liu, and Meliza Bañales. Interviews on Lawson Fusao Inada and Tara Betts. Essays by Marie Arana, David Zinser, Mark crane and David Wulf. Cover Art:Lorraine Miller Nuzzo.

REVIEW: “The Spring 2010 issue of phati’tude is a retrospective of multiculturalism as it has developed over the past 30 years. There are interviews with veterans of the curriculum wars of the ’80s and ’90s. Lawson Fusao Inada, a Japanese-American writer and educator, has been involved with the West Coast poetry scene since the 1960s. A. Robert Lee is a British Professor of American Literature, has been writing about multiculturalism since the 1980s. For Inada and Lee, multiculturalism is a community with a common set of reference points: Ishmael Reed and Maxine Hong Kingston, to name only two. A lively and interesting literary community has always been one of the prime attractions of multiculturalism. While the phati’tude editors are open to contributions in all literary forms, poetry dominates the Spring issue. There’s a fine poem from Heid Erdrich, the sister of poet and novelist Louise Erdrich, and a pair of contributions from Lawson Fusao Inada.

Jaime “Shaggy” Flores’ “Letter of the Day” is impassioned, like a lot of the work in the issue, and also inventive. . . . .

Hopefully, future issues of phati’tude will address the next challenges of the great American experiment in a pluralistic society. Multiculturalism is an endless conversation, and that conversation is as important now as it has ever been.”


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