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“Afro-Taino Nuyorican Massarican Poeta with a serious Negritude Flow. A very talented hermano who writes some interesting poems about Barrio life and the African Diaspora.”

Shaggy Flores is a Nuyorican, Massarican, Bilingual, Spanglish Speaking, Afro-Taino, Santero, Centaur, Warrior, Jibaro, Borinquen Poeta. Born in El Barrio (Nueva Yol), and raised in Staten Island, Guynabo & Cupey (Puerto Rico,) and Springfield (MA.) He believes in using literature as a means to uplift and educate people.

A graduate and scholar from the University of Massachusetts with a degree on the African Diaspora and a Masters in History from Virginia State University, Mr. Flores follows in the tradition of Arturo Schomburg and Louis Reyes Rivera believing the poet should always serve as cultural worker.

Considered by many to be an organizer and leader for the New Generation “Nuyorican” Latino poetry movement, his first collection of poetry, SancochoA Book of Nuyorican Poetry deals with issues of stereotypes, cultural preservation, racism, and personal growth.

His work can also be found in Labor Heritage – George Meany Labor College Journal, the fall 2000 Centro Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, Bum Rush the Page A Def Poetry Jam Anthology, Role Call An African-American Intergenerational Literary anthology, The Bandana Republic, Puerto Rican Students in US Schools, Anniversary DiVerseCity: An Anthology Celebrating Ten Years of the Austin International Poetry Festival, the 2003 National Poetry Slam Anthology and in the Hostos Review: New Rican Voices journal. Shaggy can also be heard on the spoken word CD’s Nuyorican Dreams,and Yemaya Y Ochun.

He is the founder of the annual Voices for the Voiceless Poetry Concert which occured for 13 years in the five-college Umass-Amherst area.

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Shaggy Flores: The 411