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Nuyorican Negritude!
History of Nuyorican Poetry and Literature
Nuyorican Poetry was born in the Barrios of Puerto Rico and the streets of Nueva Yol. This lecture takes a close look at the movement’s founders, pioneers, and future leaders. During this lecture, we explore the role of the poet as a cultural worker and review the effects that Latino writers are having on various cultural literary cannons.

Nuestra Cultura! Nuestra Belleza!
History and Culture of the Puerto Rican and Black Diasporas
This lecture is an exploration of the African and Boriqua Diaspora and the common cultural threads that unite these communities. In addition to a short history of the revolutionary struggles instrumental in preserving these cultural traditions, there will be a strong focus on the formation of African Diaspora cultural identity in the Atlantic before and after slavery.

Dispelling the myths about religions of the African Diaspora

The African Diaspora has a proud history of religion and culture that spans thousands of years. This lecture will look to dispel many of the myths that surround spiritual beliefs such as Santeria, Vodun, Candoble, Macumba, Shango, Palo, Roots, and more. We will look at the universal spiritual beliefs that unite members of the African Diaspora and review the role religion has played in cultural development and preservation of Black and Latino people throughout the Western hemisphere.

Porto-Rock Style
Hip-Hop History and the Latino Presence
From the late 1960’s through the 1970’s, Puerto Ricans have played a vital role in the formation and development of Hip-Hop culture. From the early barrios of the Bronx, to the quick delivery of later Porto-Rocks like Big Pun, Caribbean pioneers have created music that has transcended island borders and changed the history of American youth.

This lecture begins during Hip-Hop’s infancy and carries us through its modern era. By looking at the economic status of the Black and Latino communities responsible for its creation, and exploring the adverse conditions that nurtured Hip-Hop’s development, we can begin to understand the true essence of Hip-Hop. From Gang culture, Nuyorican Poetry, to Black power activism, the story of Hip-Hop will be told from a historical and fresh perspective.

Literature and Poetry

Spoken Unheard
Slam Poetry and the Spoken Word Movement

Spoken word predates the current Slam poetry and Def Poetry Jam phenomenon. Learn how Nuyorican, Beat, and Black Arts Poets used poetry to elevate their communities and their art form. From the ancient Griots of the Mandingo Empire to Poetry gurus weaving poems into activism, this lecture will give a brief history of the power of the Spoken Word.

Voices for the Voiceless
A poetry concert featuring Award Winning Diaspora Artists
For fifteen years, Voices for the Voiceless has brought the best Black, Latino, and Asian poets in the country together for a one night, historical performance. Whether it is an award winning artist or someone you saw on television, most of today’s spoken word artists have been seen at Voices. This tour is available for institutions that are interested in bringing culturally relevant programming to their area. Why bring just one speaker when you can bring a whole series of speakers?

Organizing and Labor Movements

The Significance of Youth Movements and the Young Lords

While some activists chose to storm the world by creating Hip-Hop culture, the Young Lords inspired their communities by confronting the political and social inequalities of the 1960’s and 1970’s in creating a resistance movement that remains significant to Latinos today.

This lecture focuses on the history of the Young Lords, from its foundation in Chicago to the national exposure gained by the group upon organizing in New York. Careful observation will be placed on the college leadership of the Young Lords. The relevance of youth continuing this tradition of community activism will be stressed. This lecture is dedicated to the memory of two former Young Lords who were key servants of the people, Richie Perez and the Reverend Pedro Pietri.

Relevance of the Latino Labor Movement

While many may know about the achievements of the Latino Labor Leader Cesar Chavez, the heroic stories of ordinary workers such as Philip Vera Cruz and Dolores Huertas are less known. This lecture focuses on the labor movement and how this movement continues to remain vibrant and relevant thanks to the involvement of Filipino, Mexican, Puerto Ricans, and other Latinos. A strong focus will be placed on national organizations, such as LCLAA, who stand at the vanguard of Latinos organizing in the workplace.

Community Building and Organization Management

Trabajando 101!
Managing a successful college or community organization

If you are ready to create culturally relevant programming in your school, neighborhood, or organization but feel you lack the tools to do so, this workshop can help you. This workshop will focus on how to create programs within budget constraints while still maximing your organization’s future growth potential.

This workshop will teach you how to access funding, form significant collaborations, and plan events from beginning to end. At the conclusion of this workshop, student and youth leaders will know how to book a speaker, implement a public relations campaign, and access the tools needed to run a great organization and create programs that reflect growth and vision.

Building Multicultural Coalitions

Building cross-cultural coalitions can be difficult. This workshop brings diverse groups of students and youth leaders together in order to develop effective relationships. During this workshop students and youth leaders will discuss the cultural ties that bind African Diaspora communities and possible programming that can result from the workshop.

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