Fear the Power of Abuelita’s Chancletas!

Our Mission
We are specialist in treating Post-Traumatic Chancleta Upside the Head Syndrome(PTCUHS).

Our Patients
If you have ever been beaten by a Chancleta or Branch or Belt, then you need our services.

Our Therapy
Through the use of Cultura and Corazon, we provide solutions to your feelings of rage.

Everyday the Invisible Order of the Chancleta gets a request from the media to learn more about our fearless leader.

The following content has been approved by our Supreme Exalted cult leader for the national media.

The Official Shaggy Flores Brochure

Shaggy Brochure (Web Res)
Shaggy Brochure (Print Version – Double Sided 8.5×14 Fold)

The Official Shaggy Flores Manifesto

Shaggy Collateral (Web Res)
Shaggy Collateral (Print Version – Double Sided)

Shaggy Flores CV

The 411

Voices for the Voiceless™

Voices for the Voiceless Brochure (Web Res)
Voices for the Voiceless Brochure (Print Version – Double Sided)

Mister P-Body Brochure

Mighty Centaur Sound (Web Res)
Mighty Centaur Sound (Print Version – Double Sided)