Ghetto Blasters

jhflores February 22, 2012 Comments Off on Ghetto Blasters
Ghetto Blasters

pay attention to the children of the urban jibarito
modern digital guerreros since the days of coleco
slap you in the face if you get out of line
disrespect your short life on earth time
have your family reminisce over you by pouring wine
the could’ve should’ve been a contenders
no mercy in these calles for pretenders
the poverty make money blenders
will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today loan shark lenders
the package and kite big house senders
commissary black market vendors
the raphy leavitt y la selecta drink café colao con azuca not splenda
machismo defenders big clubbing dollar high spenders
we know them they are the first, second, third time offenders
the green bill flashers
illegal substance stashers, quick with the tongue
no mercy in these streets slashers
hombres mas fino bribe you with a c-note
the undertakers the money makers
put you in the grave send you back to god’s green acre
the make you feel good suppliers
your man’s man word is bond never liars
the five percent spitters
give you the willies when you hear it shivers
the gods on earth always checking their phones user of twitter
the masters of three card monte
so cool they’ll have you calling yourself potsie
they are fonzy, happy days not
we call them the local santo traficantes
never sweet they always travel picante
you heard of them they like carlito brigante
never chiquitos muy gigantes
the bacardi moonshine coquito rum runners
sit back count their ends stunnas
52 blocks stato jailhouse rock wonders
street organization new member recruiters
watch your daughters virgin polluters
talk later, take action now shooters
the rap basement producers
sell cd’s from the back of their trunk executioners
bodega owners cocky like Montana
always thinking about today not mañana
if you got the ills they cure you sana sana culito de rana
carry razor blades in their tongues Pedro Navaja
they hustle
they breathe
they live
they sell
they buy
they sleep
they wake up
then press repeat
the next day.

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