Crystal Senter Brown

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What do you do?
I started off as a poet (which I still do)- but now I’m focused on writing novels and performing.

How do you do it?
Very carefully. LOL!  I love to be on stage. I love connecting with the audience. I’m also learning the joy of writing a novel and hearing the response of readers from around the world!

Does your work impact your community and how?
My children’s book Gabby Saturday is used in area schools to teach the importance of self esteem, cultural outings and relationships between moms and daughters.  We host a tea party every now and then to bring little girls together to read the book, meet Gabby and learn what it means to be a Gabby Girl!

What inspired you to choose this medium?
I started performing at the age of 6- reciting the poem “The Negro Mother” by Langston Hughes. I received a standing ovation- and I was hooked. Since then I have performed almost everywhere- from colleges to churches, parks to weddings, church basements to community festivals.

Crystal Senter Brown has appeared in Redbook Magazine, Vibe Magazine and Essence Magazine been a performance poet for most of her life. Born in Morristown, TN to a bass-playing Baptist preacher and a painter, Crystal was introduced to poetry at the age of six.

Since then, she has performed at thousands of events including colleges, high schools, church basements, dorm rooms, apartment buildings, parking lots and locked closets.

She was awarded the 2010 Harold Grinspoon Award for her children’s book Gabby Saturday and has been awarded several Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship awards.

She has released two books Doubledutch and Gabby Saturday and released her first novel The Rhythm in Blue in January.  She has also released three music Cds Bees are admired, Easybreezybeautifulcoloredgirl and Mojo. Her song Large and Lovely was  nominated for several music awards including the Billboard Music Song Award, Peacedriven Song Award, ASCAP Music Plus Award and the Urban Music Award.

Her poetry has appeared in The Women’s Times, African American Point of View, The Valley Advocate, Local Buzz, Vibe Magazine, The Republican and His Rib. When she’s not writing, performing or saving the world, she lives in New England with her husband Corey and son Adonte.

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